Security Measures Services

Security Measures Services

Security Measures Services

We offer security measures services to help ensure that your security measures are appropriate, reasonable and sound. They include  planning and monitoring services for the following:

Organisational Security Measures

Organisational  Security Measures services include the following:

  • Developing a Security strategy with your security management team.
  • Developing a Security plan based on  the agreed strategy.
  • Where we have provided assessment services to you we will build on the outputs from these.
  • Provision of guidance for implementing the Security plan.

Technical Security Measures

Technical Security Measures offerings include the following:


Threat and Vulnerability Tools

Vicarius Threat and Vulnerability Tools:

Helps SMEs protect critical apps and assets against software exploitation with the world’s first all-in-one vulnerability management platform.

Vicarius’ powerful solutions top-tier, military grade cyber protection provides:

  • Analyses: Real-time Risk Analysis
  • Prioritises:  Conducts Risk Prioritising Mapping
  • Acts:  Mitigates Business Risk

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Email Protection


IRONSCALES Email Protection:

Protects email systems against phishing attacks using AI based:

  • Advanced Threat Protection, Automated Inbound Email Scanning
  • Continuous Behaviour Analysis
  • Operational monitoring of the environment including intrusion detection systems
  • automated Incident Response
  • Fake Login Page Protection
  • Works with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

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Penetration Testing

RidgeBot AI Continuous Penetration Testing solutions        

  • Automated Continuous Penetration Testing
  • Risk-Based Vulnerability Management
  • Security Controls Validation
  • Assets Management

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Please contact us for more information about the Security Measures Services.

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