Is Social Media Governance a challenge in your organisation? Don't feel alone, the majority of organisations are finding the implementation of effective governance in this area a challenge.

 The use of SM has reached the point where it cannot be outlawed. The business benefits of allowing SM can be significant so your strategy should aim to exploit these technologies but at the same, introduce rules for acceptable usage. So, rather than fear SM, organisations can learn to exploit Social Media in a controlled and governed manner.

We believe that almost every social‐media strategy should contain the following governance documents:

 ·         An overall policy - You need an overall policy that provides guidance for everyone in the organisation on how to interact with social media in most circumstances; 

·         Clear descriptions - It's also essential to have clear descriptions of roles and responsibilities, procedures for metrics and monitoring, and policies on communications and training; 

·         Acceptable use and guidelines - You need to create an acceptable‐use agreement, branding guidelines and corporate style rules to help embed crucial controls and ensure all use of social media by staff fits within the larger corporate marketing and communications strategy; 

·         Best‐practice guidelines - Finally, you must have operational best practice guidelines, covering everything from blogging and LinkedIn to Twitter and YouTube.


 Armed with these documents, your organisation can implement meaningful governance of social media. 

 The good news is that you don't have write them from scratch. We are able to offer a toolkit containing draft documents that you can use to fast track your SM governance journey. 


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