Implementing IT GRC related standards and frameworks can be difficult and daunting. Following a project based approach gives you a far better chance of achieving success with these than trying to implement processes and procedures on their own.  Some reasons for this are:

  • Projects are temporary endeavors which have objectives, a start and an end, at which point there should be a new system or service;
  • They create visibility and focus which usually includes executive sponsorship and formal authority for the implementation;
  • Progress or lack thereof can be measured and remedial action can be taken if things go wrong;
  • Change management activities are incorporated into projects which ensure that the system being implemented becomes operational;
  • If a good methodology is used, benefits will be monitored and measured against the original business case.

IACT has program and project managers who have in depth experience in  implementing projects in the IT GRC area. We can help you to ensure that your standards and framework implementations are successful through our project based approach.  Please click on the Contact button below and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

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