POPI Free Downloads

IACT-Africa has provided a number of POPI Free Downloads below to help you with your Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act compliance program.  There is valuable real world information contained in these which we hope you find helpful. 

Top Ten Tips from IACT-Africa


Article: Moneyweb - POPI has hidden benefits for some small companies

Article: POPI is Law - Where to from here?

Article: Personal Protection of Information Starts with You

Article: Mobile Data Devices and POPI

Article: Cut, Shred, Destroy article

IACT-Africa POPI Brochure

IACT-Africa Corporate Overview

IACT-Africa and Media Works POPI Online Training Brochure

IACT-Africa I-A-C-T POPI Act Compliance Methodology

For your convenience, all of the items above can be downloaded as a zip file by clicking on the link below:

POPI Free Downloads Zip File

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