POPI Act Services & Products

An overview of the unique IACT-Africa POPI Act Services and Products is provided below.

The purpose of these offerings is to provide a set of tools that will enable organisations to prepare for compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (POPI Act) without having to start from scratch .

The objectives of these service offerings are:

  • To enable an organisation to assess their current state against the POPI Act;
  • To develop a plan for achieving an acceptable level of compliance with the POPI Act from a governance perspective;
  • To execute the plan using the components of the service offerings without writing policies, notices, etc. from scratch;
  • To provide awareness training to all levels of personnel in their organisation;
  • Where appropriate, to execute the above with the guidance of experienced consultants in this area.

So where should you start?

Free IACT-Africa POPI Act Compliance Assessment

Before you commit to any of our products or services, why not take advantage of our offer of a no-charge assessment? This free web-based assessment is offered to help you gain an understanding of your readiness for POPI Act compliance. Please contact us for a link and password to take up this offer.

An assessment of your status of compliance with the POPI Act is a good place to start. Compliance gaps can be identified and plans for more detailed analysis and remedial action can be developed based on the outcome of the free assessment.

Then you can choose to work with us. IACT-Africa offers a range of effective and affordable products and services with our strategic partner PTC (www.p-t-c.co.za ) to fast track your POPI Act compliance initiatives.

IACT-Africa POPI Act Compliance Products

  • IACT-Africa POPI Core Licence: designed to meet the needs of the Small-to-Medium-sized organisation. Includes the contents of the Essentials Licence plus additional features and functionality which will support the more demanding size and complexity of your POPI Act compliance initiatives;
  • IACT-Africa POPI Extended Licence: designed to meet the needs of the Enterprise-siz
  • IACT-Africa POPI Essentials Licence: designed to meet the needs of the Micro-sized organisation. Ideal for Sole Trader and Professional Practice usage. Covers all the essentials which will support your POPI Act compliance initiatives;
  • ed organisation. Includes the contents of the Core Licence plus additional features and functionality which will support the most demanding size and complexity requirements for POPI Act compliance initiatives.

All of these IACT-Africa POPI Licence options are available on a self-implementation basis and can optionally be supported by our Compliance Services as outlined next.

IACT-Africa POPI Act Compliance Services

  • IACT-Africa POPI Implementation Support Service: designed to complement the IACT-Africa POPI Licence option which best meets your needs. A set of pre-defined services to support your POPI Act compliance preparation project. Typically ranges from 10 to 40 hours in duration.
  • IACT-Africa POPI Implementation On-demand Service: designed to be used by IACT-Africa clients who need Ad Hoc support for the IACT-Africa POPI Licence self-implementation option; also for those who have completed their compliance preparation project and need additional support.
  • IACT-Africa POPI Licence Updates Service: provides periodic updates to the contents of your selected IACT-Africa POPI Licence. Available on an optional annual contract.

The components of the IACT-Africa POPI Core Licence include:

Assessment tools

A POPI Business Case Tool, a POPI Compliance Assessment Tool and  more...

Project Management tools

POPI Project Charter, Project Action Plan, Project Schedule Templates and more...


POPI Act Policy and Privacy Notice , Information Security Policy Templates and more...

Education and Training

POPI Executive Awareness Training pack, POPI Staff Awareness Training packs (aimed at various staff levels) and more...

Legal Documents

Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI),Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) and more...

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements and how we can be of assistance to you.

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