We provide a number of King III services for addressing your IT governance requirements, these are described below:

Assessment Service

An assisted on-site King III Assessment service for IT is offered. The service consists of interviews with the relevant stakeholders as well as the identification of relevant documents, procedures and processes.  Alternatively, a workshop can be held with stakeholders to fast track the assement.  While the service is aimed at assessing the governance of IT, we include legal and regulatory matters within the scope. Stakeholders typically include senior IT managers and business executives.

The assessment is carried out along the lines of a maturity assessment with the observations for each area being given a score or rating. 

The Assessment Service is intended to be a quick lightweight service which can usually be completed in a few days, depending on the size of your organisation.

Gap Analysis Service

A more in depth service in the form of a Gap Analysis is offered. This service is a more in depth service which aims to identify specific gaps in terms of King III principles and recommendations. The gaps that are identified during the exercise will enable realistic Programme and Project plans to be developed. While the focus is placed on the governance of IT, all king III chapters can be included at a Principle level.

The duration of a a Gap Analysis service is dependent on the size and structure of your organisation.

Business Case and Planning Service

A Business Case and Planning service is offered in order to justify and plan the activities, programmes and projects that may be required in order to address the identified gaps.

Programme and Project Management Service

We have strong Programme and Project Management competencies which we offer to ensure that your business cases and plans are implemented successfully. We have experience in industry practices such as PMBOK and PRINCE2. 

Project Oversight Service

If you are running your own IT governance projects, we will gladly fulfill an oversight role, irrespective of whether we have been involved in the services described above. 

The range of King III services described above are delivered using established project management methods.  Please click here to view a service description for the approach used for delivering these services.    

In addition to the above, we offer a range of IT Governance and Management services which can be viewed on our Service Offerings page. Please click here to go from the King III services page to the Service Offerings page.  Please click here to go to the King III for IT page for an overview of the approach and a few of the key principles.

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