We provide an assisted on-site K III assessment service for IT which consists of interviews with the relevant stakeholders. These typically include senior IT managers, such as Chief Information Officers, Information Security Officers, Chief Architects, Risk Officers and relevant Business owners.


The assessment is carried out along the lines of a maturity assessment with the observations for each area being given a score or rating.

 Benefits of the service are:

The consolidated results provide a clear view of the areas that require the most focus and priority in terms of applying the recommendations in your organisation;

The results of the assessment enable meaningful Programme/Project plans to be developed for addressing the gaps identified during the assessment;

The Programme/Projects plans can be incorporated into your corporate governance, risk and compliance programmes easily once they have been developed.

 The assessment service is intended to be executed relatively quickly and can usually be carried out in 2 to 5 days for a small organisation and 5 to 8 days for a medium sized organisation.

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