IT Policy and Procedure development and maintenance is often a significant burden on IT organisations. Operational personnel are often too busy to manage them effectively which results in inadequate governance. The problem is, however, that IT governance principles, employee behavior and audit processes need them as a foundation.


We have years of experience in the writing, reviewing, updating and managing the lifecycle of documentation in this area. We are able to help with reviewing, developing and maintaining your policy procedure documentation at any stage in the cycle.


Our experience includes:

·         IT Governance Charters; 

·         Accountability frameworks; 

·         Information Security Policies and Procedures; 

·         Acceptable usage policies for IT Services (Internet, Email, Equipment, etc.); 

·         Social Media governance; 

·         Many other areas relating to the governance of IT.


If you are in need of assistance in this, we will happily ease your burden.

 Please contact us for more information on how these services can help you quickly and effectively.