IT Management

IT Management practices have varied over the years with approaches being based on underlying practices and standards, not to mention less formal approaches.

The introduction of COBIT 5 brings a change of thinking with regard to IT Governance as it now includes processes for IT Management. While a number of these processes  have existed it earlier versions, the new framework provides a recognised structure and is regarded as a: 

“Business Framework for the Governance and Management of Enterprise IT: COBIT 5"

As stated above, it is the only Business Framework for Governing and Managing Enterprise IT.

In line with the above, IACT Africa now provides a number of service offerings designed to assist our clients with assessing their current status of alignment with the COBIT 5 framework, as well as the planning and overseeing implementation projects.  The services are structured in line with the IT Management domains but can be tailored to specific client requirements. Standard services offerings include:

  • IT APO Assessment Service (Align, Plan and Organise)
  • IT BAI Assessment Service (Build, Acquire and Implement)
  • IT DSS Assessment Service (Deliver, Service and Support)
  • IT MEA Assessment Service (Monitor, Evaluate and Assess)

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