IT Governance Knowledge Development Service

The objective of the IT Governance Knowledge Development service is to increase knowledge and skills in the principles in this area. 

Scope of Work

The scope of work contained in this service is

  • Identify Knowledge Development needs 
  • Development Knowledge Development skills
  • Implement Knowledge Development plan
  • Report Knowledge Development outcomes


The deliverables relating to this service are:

  • Completed Knowledge Development needs assessment
  • Approved Knowledge Development plan
  • Completed Knowledge Development activities
  • Final Knowledge Development needs report
  • Agree scoping method with client 
  • Document coaching service plan
  • Implement coaching service plan
  • Review coaching service results

The key roles required for executing this service are:

  • Project sponsor
  • Project manager
  • Project team
  • Project consultant


The toolset to be used will be dependent on the client and project objectives.  They will typically include:

  • ITG Knowledge review assessments
  • ITG Workshops (from 1 to 5 day duration)
  • ITG Self-study activities

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Document authors: Dr P Tobin and J Cato
Document creation date: 15 March 2013
Document version number: ITGKD.02