IT Governance Assessment Service

We offer a low cost, quick and effective IT Governance Assessment service. The service is designed to help you gain insight into your current status from process and practice perspectives.  It also helps you to set appropriate priorities for your organisation which can be used to develop a suitable strategy and plan.  

How we do the assessment

We facilitate a 1 day assessment workshop which is run with a group of stakeholders. We use COBIT 5, as well as King III  based tools, with our unique value adds. The results of the assessment are refined into a set of key priorities which are documented in the assessment report. 

Why use our service?

  • Using an external organisation to facilitate an assessment is objective and beneficial because there is no internal bias;
  • We have deep experience in running assessment workshops and in IT Governance practices;
  • We have unique tools that assist in planning and monitoring your IT Governance journey; 
  • A prioritised plan based on respected frameworks and best practices can be developed after the assessment.

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