IT Governance and Management

 IT Governance is part of corporate governance and since Information Technology has become pivotal to most businesses, greater focus is being placed on this area.  Case studies exist which show that well governed companies outperform poorly governed companies significantly.  This is also true for IT organisations since good governance brings structure, standardised processes, measurement of the business value of Information Technology and other benefits.    

The governance of information technology is entering a new phase because a number of developments have taken place in recent years. These include:

  • In South Africa, King III has become the recognised code of practice for governance and is being adopted both in SA and the SADC region.  The New Companies Act complements King III from a corporate governance perspective as well;
  • Internationally, COBIT 5 has been introduced and is being regarded as the most respected control framework for the  Governance and Management of Information Technology;
  • The ISO38500 standard for the governance of Information Technology has been published and is gaining acceptance internationally.

The arrival of COBIT 5 brings about a significant shift as it includes IT Management processes in the framework.  COBIT 5 also includes the key tasks and principles found in ISO38500.  

Governance is often seen as a compliance burden but if approached in a positive manner significant improvements in the business value of information technology and, therefore, competitive advantage can be obtained. 

Simply adopting best practices and frameworks won't bring sustainable benefits to organisations unless cultures and ethics change as well. With this in mind, effective change management programs are needed when adopting these.  Needless to say, strong executive sponsorship is also needed.           

In view of the above, our approach to the provision of  Governance services has been extended to include IT Management services.  

We have expanded on key aspects of the above and have provided more information about each of these in the pages listed below.  Please click on the links below for more information.

King III for IT

COBIT 5 Framework

Our services now include IT Governance and IT Management services, in line with COBIT 5. We offer practical assessment service to help you assess your current state and to develop an appropriate plan for your organisation.  Please click here for more information about the IT Governance Assessment Service. 

In addition to the above, we offer a range of services which can be viewed on our Service Offerings page.  Please click here to go from the IT Governance page to the Service Offerings page. 

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