COBIT 5 introduces a number of new concepts compared with its predecessor, COBIT 4.1.

These include the fact that it is now an IT Governance framework as opposed to a process model which was the focus of the previous version.

It aims to help organisations to obtain optimal value from IT while by helping to maintain a balance between realising benefits, optimising levels of risk, as well as resource usage.  It enables IT to be governed and managed in a holistic manner taking all areas of business and IT functional areas into accounts.

It helps the above to be achieved through a number of Principles which include meeting Stakeholder needs, covering the enterprise end-to-end,  applying a single, integrated framework, enabling a holistic approach and separating Governance from Management.

It also includes a number a number of Enablers which are listed below:

  • Principles, polices and frameworks;
  • Processes
  • Organisation structures
  • Culture, ethics and behaviour;
  • Information;
  • Services, Infrastructure and Applications;
  • People, skills and competencies.

Adopting COBIT can be daunting but if it is approached in a pragmatic and appropriate manner for your organisation, true business value can be obtained sooner rather than later. 

IACT Africa has the experience to help you approach IT Governance and Management based on COBIT 5.

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